Being someone who loves to sew, I love to explore different crafts to add to my sewing collection. One of the lingering idea is to cloth and dress our pet dogs. But, seriously, I am not sure, “Should dogs be clothed?”

This is Bubbles, my son Cleff and his fiancé, Pei Shan’s boy. Here’s what Pei Shan has to say about Bubbles.

“I was born on 26 Nov 2013, turning five in just a month away.”

“I was re-homed and adopted when I was two and half years old. Probably because my ex-owner could not take and dealt with my cuteness and hyper excitement.”

“I absolutely loves, LOVES food! Call me a foodie. All tastes good.”

“I can do tricks for TREATS! Favourite food? Hmmm, can I include ALL?”

I am hyper at times. I just can’t control em, BUT! BUT! Please know that I won’t harm you. I just love to be pet!”

“SECRET (An open one). I snore in mu sleep. I drool! I dream too, just like you. And I love to snuggle with my ‘pawrents!’ Warmthhhh…..”

So much about Bubbles, the adorable one. Needless to say, grandma here has to think of ways to show love and acceptance to this new member of the family. So, I knitted a bow tie for him some time back. Now, I am confronted with the next level of challenge, “Should I sew something nice to cloth him?” Yet, I am unsure, as I tend to believe dogs need not be clothed. Let them be dogs!



Call me “narrow-minded” or grasshopper mentality, I just can’t set my foot on the sewing paddle without first convince myself that it is alright to cloth them. This unsettled and uncertain feelings led me on a journey of reading and research, then contextualising it in my Singapore context.

Here’s a brief writeup of what I had gathered from various sources and dogs lovers. Credit largely to “The Dog People” for the source.

Know your Pet’s Temperament:

  • There’s no right or wrong answer, as long as you are not doing any harm to your doggie.
  • Determine your dog’s temperament. Some may love showcasing their fashion flair, while some may prefer staying behind the limelight.

Know Your Local Weather:

  • Any legit reason to dress up your dog? Dogs with thin and light coats of fur may need to be clothed to keep them warm and against the cold brazing weather in winter.
  • Consider the breed, size and age of your pet when deciding the type of clothes to dress them up.
  • Do consider the local weather. Singapore is a sunny and tropical island. We get the sun and the rain regularly. It’s hot, wet, wet, and hot throughout the 12 months.

Know Your Pet’s Condition

  • Dogs with fresh haircuts, ageing or sick may need to be clothed since they may have lighter and lesser fur to keep them warm.
  • Some dogs may require to be clothed to help with anxiety, and clothing them can be smoothing for anxious dogs (Hmmm….sounds like Bubbles!). They feel comforted and secured.

In a irreducible statement, if your dog happily wears a hat, a bow tie or a bib to amuse you for a photo shot, that’s great! If your dog has a legitimate need to get dressed, go for it!

Better to pass if your doggie is upset or uncomfortable for being dressed up!

So, I am bought over. I started skeptical with the idea, but am more settled with the “needs and wants” of doggies being dressed up, especially those with legitimate reasons. Now, I can move on to sew something handsome for Bubbles!

Hmm, seriously, I am not so sure if Bubbles like it.

My gems

Here’s Bubbles’ proud pawrents.


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