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Hi! My name is Li Li. The hands behind Chow_ahlisews is a woman who turned 52 in year 2018 who started dreaming again. Yes, I am a dreamer, and having a problem that “reacts to maintenance mode and boredom” indue time, plus an uncontainable curiosity vibes in my blood, I tend to track on unplanned and uncharted paths, by default. Somehow, God is good to me. Complimenting on that God-given gift, He takes me on in numerous adventurous journey, to discover Him, His people and His world.

I had tried multiple things with my hands since a pre-teen. Flower arrangement, handmade cards and crafts, cross-stitch, crocheting, knitting, sewing, bridal set up in churches, etc… But all these were parked aside for 30+ years since I started working. I had been an insurance agent; a pastoral staff then turned pastor in a local church; studied in a seminary; a translator; still teaching in institutions and local churches and East Asia region, and obtaining another theological degree now. So, how do I end up knitting and sewing again? That again, its a wonder!

On May 2017, I was invited to attend both of my dear seminary schoolmates’ wedding ceremony in the States. Due to my Chineseness vibes in me, a simple desire to sew a clutch to match with my blue traditional cheongsam sparked off a faith journey that overwhelms me by surprise. Friends who saw my photos posted in FB, started to enquire my crafts, and purchased them. God provided kakis (friends) to help in designing a logo to pricing my items. After a lapsed of 30+ years, God begun a new work in me, redeeming my knitting and sewing gift, and turned it into “MY FAITH PROJECTS – Chow_ahlisews.”

On 26 August 2017, Chow_ahlisews officially started a soft launch in a friend’s cosy home, and spin off her journey to sew and knit customised orders that pours in gradually. Today, Chow_ahlisews has grow slowly yet gradually into a mother and son team. I am thankful to have my son to co-work alongside with me. While I take care of sewing matters, he has graciously helped to take care of every other matters.

For MY FAITH PROJECTS, please refer to the page.

By the way, if you ever wonder, why Chow_ahlisews? Well, CHOW 邹 is my surname, an unique clan per se, as the Chinese character reflected in my logo. And for many that knows me well love to associate me with “Ah Li” for short, due to my “insane” love for my Chineseness, my Chinese culture, heritage and my “Lian-ness” (called it Li-ness) flair.

So YES, there is life, “zoe life זואי חיים  ” (a life active and vigorous) after 50 for a woman.

Dream, you may! And May you Dream, woman!