Minky Blankets – Price according to yardage and fabric types

Blankets have a way to convey a message of comfort, care and love to the user from different walks of life besides a new born. For the homeless, the hospitalised and the displaced, a blanket is meant as their “home.” The touch and message of “I care” is all summed up in a blanket. That is also the reason why I love sewing blankets.

I prefer to use quality premium or organic cotton to team with Shannon Minky (a premium renown quality and brand) for my minky blankets, for various purpose from hygiene, comfort and against sensitive allergies. Hence, the price for these blankets are usually customised according to one’s preference and desires.

The price of each blanket will depend on fabric selection (whether if used designer’s or licensed brand) and yardage.

These are the estimated price:

  • For New Borns: About 1/2 yard (35″ x 28″) – S$80.00 and onwards
  • For Toddlers: About 1 yard (36″ x 42″) – S$100.00
  • For Kids & Teens: About 11/2 yards – S$120.00
  • For Adults:  About 2 yards – S$150.00

Otherwise, you can drop me an email to check out for more details.