CHAVAH Clutch - Japanese Multi Waves

Japanese Multi Waves    S$62.00

Here’s the CHAVAH CLUTCH that was clothed with multi-Japanese waves premium print that comes with two tones of shades, filling it with a sparkle of gold.



C&S Panorama Sunrise     S$62.00

Featuring the CHAVAH CLUTCH using premium designer cotton from Cotton & Steel, Panorama Sunrise Paint collection. (See below for detailed description)

CHAVAH CLUTCH - Sandy Brown Geometric Print

Sandy Brown Geometric Print       S$62.00

If you are more comfortable with safe colours and print, opt to choose this piece of Sandy Brown Geometric Print fabric from Hobby Lobby.


Sakura in Turquoise Beauty        S$62.00

Here’s a beauty that seeks to shine loudly. Premium Japanese fabric filled with white sakura in turquoise background. If you love the Japanese culture particularly Sakura, why not consider this piece which is available now.


CHAVAH CLUTCH description:

  • Approximately 21cm (length) by 13cm (height when closed the flap)
  • 3 compartments.
  • Cotton for inner lining
  • 18mm magnetic snap for closure
  • Matching Cheongsam button or matching buttons
  • 4 Compartments is available for customisation

** Prices quote at using Premium quality designer cotton from USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and other parts of the world.

** Prices will be different if using kimono obi or yukata fabrics.

Consider a customised piece to match your personality and preference. Drop me a message for fabric selection to find out more.