Introducing the most popular and customised piece thus far, the “CHAVAH CLUTCH.” This clutch was crafted by me inspired by the fact I need a clutch to contain red packets (or we called it as “angbaos” – a monetary gift which is given during the Chinese Lunar New Year or special occasions such as weddings, graduation or the birth of a new born).

The CHAVAH CLUTCH has three compartments, or four (upon special request) measuring approximately 21cm (length) and 13cm (height when closed flap). A magnetic snap is fastened to the last compartment to keep the accordion clutch in style. Finally, I finished it off by giving the clutch a Chinese look by adding matching cheongsam button. If you refer to cloth this CHAVAH CLUTCH with a “cutie and kiddie” fabric, I would then suggest a coordinated button to go along with it.


An unplanned desire to sew for myself an “angbao” clutch for the Lunar New Year had quickly spurred off an overwhelming favourite and customised orders by many ladies. Many indicated that the CHAVAH CLUTCH serves them well even right after the festive season.

I decided to name her CHAVAH CLUTCH, a biblical name for EVE חַוָּה , meaning life or living. May every woman be blessed and carry the essence of life and the ability to nourish, to nurture and to give life.

Consider to bless someone or yourself with a customised CHAVAH CLUTCH? Drop me a message to find out more.


Pattern: Self-drafted by chow_ahlisews.