Coasters are great essentials for homes. Decorate your tables with these coasters that match your home themes or seasons. They are also great gifts too for great seasons.

These customised coasters comes in a set of 4 pieces, measuring approximately 9.5cm by 9.5cm. They are made from 100% premium cotton, and lined with batting in between. You can also opt to choose from a variety of Japanese fabrics to suit your style.

Don’t be afraid to dirty them. They are machine-washable, and that’s what makes fabric coasters practical, yet stylish!

Drop us a note for customised pieces.






A special series for Rabbit lovers! These are sets of PETER RABBITS COASTERS measuring 14cm by 14cm. Definitely larger than any standard coasters, yet smaller than a standard table mat.

You can also use it creatively. Use it to decor your office table, your study table or present it as a gift to rabbit lovers!

There are stocks available. Drop us a text to find out more!