When I first sewn a clutch and posted on my personal FB, a friend loved it so much and persuaded me to customised one for her. That prompted me to start my handmade crafts, and I named her ESTHER FOLDOVER CLUCTH after this friend, the rest is history and yet to come.

ESTHER FOLDOVER CLUTCH is an interesting sew as she has great potential to carry different fabrics, and the outcome is simply fabulous! Fashionable and ravishing is her personality.  Measuring approximately 18cm height when folded (32cm when unfolded) with a 24cm length base, the clutch can store more essentials than you can imagine.



A combination of premium cotton fabric was matched with coordinated flax leather to give the ESTHER FOLDOVER CLUTCH an interesting outlook, while the interior was clothed with another piece of premium cotton with another layer of fleece to give a soft touch. Finally, a YKK zipper to complete her total look. Don’t forget to attach your preferred charm to give an additional dashing look!

This simple clutch is no longer simple when it was customised to match the owner’s unique personality and style. Each clutch may look similar, yet distinctively different!