JEMIMAH POUCH יְמִימָה‎ was named after Job’s eldest daughter in the Bible, as gifted to him in the latter years. It has an Arabic associated meaning, “a little dove” while the Septuagint renders JEMIMAH as derived from the Hebrew works for “day”, so that her name could mean “bright or beautiful as day.”

JEMIMAH POUCH sling pouch measures approximately 27cm (length), 18cm (height) and 4cm (width). It is spacious to contain a lady’s basic essentials, mini IPAD, and even a book  that is fitting for the size.

This sling bag can be customised for two sizes, for an adult or a kid. Select your favourite or preferred fabrics to swing through the day!


Jemimah pouch 7

Jemimah pouch