Strange to find this clutch named as KAKIS? In the Singlish language, it means “buddies or friends.” It is usually a community of friends that share similar activities and likes. So, in sunny island of Singapore, you can find “soccer kakis, mahjong kakis,” and the list goes on. In the Japanese language, KAKIS is an edible fruit camped Persimmons.

This KAKIS CLUTCH was crafted and made using the Yukarta kimono fabric which has interesting and different prints in panels. (Refer to “NOW AVAILABLE” for more details).

KAKIS CLUTCH can be used both causally and formally. Matched it with a pair of jeans or a one-pice dress and you are ready to go. It’s fancy, simple and stylist in her own way.

Consider a customised piece for yourself trying different fabrics of your preference. Price varies depending on fabric used, ranging from S$50 to S$62.