Lil’ Japanese Knot Bag


The LIL’ JAPANESE KNOT BAG comes in two sizes, with great flexibility to play with different fabrics. The small size serves well as a lunch pouch while the medium size is great for an afternoon outing bag.

This is a small size Lil’ Bag measuring approximately 25cm width by 19cm height. The exterior fabric are kimono scraps cut from vintage Japanese kimono, commonly known as chirimen. They are one type of silk used to make kimonos. The placement of print allows simple expression of her uniqueness and beauty without much add-ons. This is the only piece available kimono scraps are hard to find identical pieces.

This small size Lil’ Bag is ideal to keep your sunglasses, keys, mobile phone and a small wallet. Slide the longer handle into the shorter handle, swing your Lil’ Bag, and you are ready for lunch!

The price for Lil’ Japanese Knot Bag varies, depending on the size and type of fabric used. This piece is available for S$42.00

If you are keen to own your a Lil’ Japanese Knot Bag customised to your personality with your preferred print and fabric, do drop me a message.

LIL’ JAPANESE KNOT BAG is available in 2 sizes, Small and Medium.

Small Size measuring approximately 25cm (width) by 19cm (height).

Medium Size measuring approximately 33cm (width) by 36cm (height)


Pattern: Self crafted by chowahlisews