Minky Blankets giraffe

Minky Blankets Giraffe

Minky Blanket – GENTLE GIRAFFES        S$100.00

Featuring one of my favourite fabric and print, “GENTLE GIRAFFES” by Michael Miller, a soft flannel on one side teaming with pinkish Shannon Minky on the other. It’s a great combination in print and material as they are super comfortably soft and luxurious cosy that one would choose to cuddle inside and do nothing else.

Measuring approximately at 34″ by 40″, a yard blanket, it is most suitable for newborns, toddlers and small kids till 3 to 4 years. Due to the fact this blanket is handmade, please allow 0.5″ to 1″ difference.

Being lightweight, it is easy to bring along for travel or throw it over the stroller, as well as using it as a lay mat. Machine wash or cold, delicate cycle, but do not iron the minky.

Minky blankets makes wonderful gift indeed! If you refer a customised piece instead, drop a message instead via the contact form.