My Faith Project

Here’s the AGAPE OUTREACH MINISTRY in Siliguri, Sikkim Nagaland


If you wondered what’s “MY FAITH PROJECTS” all about? Here’s the story.

As I processed in my sewing journey, I am looking for opportunities where I can contribute back to the society and community meaningful and significantly. At the beginning of this year, I chanced upon a ministry partner, Sonia who is a local in Siliguri Sikkim, Nagaland and heads the Agape Outreach Ministry in her homeland. Sonia teaches the women in her local village who are widows, the displaced women and some homemakers the skill to sew and to earn a living. Her home has also became a place of connecting relationships with one another in a meaningful way. T

After much prayers, I begun the small step by supporting her in the sewing supplies, resources and financially. This significant turn has brought a mission purpose to MY FAITH PROJECTS. With every purchased from my clients and friends, a certain portion of the profits will be set aside to help support Sonia and her sewing ministry to reach out to these women.


Sonya and Lili

Here’s Sonia in Singapore during May 2018

A few months back, I was approached by the in-charge of the SEWING MOMS from the Somali Refugee Community in M to help teach the Somali moms to “Sew As They Earn.” I am to teach these mothers to sew creative crafts, so that it can be sold at different platforms to help bringing some income for the family. The plan for the trip is taking shape slowly as some logistic matters begin to form concretely gradually.


Shallom School 4

SHALLOM SCHOOL IN EAST TIMOR. Photos from Shallom School.

Since 2004, I had been taking trips to EAST TIMOR, one of the youngest independence nation in the world. Shallom School was started by a group of Brazilians missionaries when East Timor was working at building up the nation. Over the years, the school worked with various organisations and churches beyond the East Timor shore to help set up the educational system in the school.

I am looking at giving continual financial support to Shallom School. Certain profits generated from the craft sales will be given to help in the educational fund.

Shalom School 1Shalom school 2

Shalom School 3

Principal Isabel Ferreira and her beloved students in Shallom School

Thus far is my sewing journey, believing for more unimaginable stories to unfold along the way in “My FAITH PROJECTS.”


NOTE: Photos of Sikkim Nagaland provided by Sonia. Photos of Shallom School provided by Ms Isabel Ferreira.