We called these KISSLOCK CLUTCH, and they come in various shapes and sizes. It brought back plenty of childhood memories as it was a purse commonly used and owned by girls, ladies, aunties and ah mahs (grannies) in the 60s and 70s era in Singapore to keep their loose change and coins. There was a period of times that these KISSLOCK purses were replaced by wallets and other fanciful pouches.

RoseMary Kisslock Clutch 4

In recent years, KISSLOCK CLUTCH had made a comeback as renowned designers and crafters began to cloth them with fascinating materials and fabrics. You can purchase them in selected shopping malls and platforms. However, if you are a person who adores your own fashion style, you may want to consider customising one that matches your personality in preference to fabrics, prints and the size of the clutch.

Rosemary Kisslock Clutch 1

In my crafting works, I frequently use premium cotton and different kinds of kimono fabrics (Yukarta, Ori, etc) to give a sturdy outlook, usage, beauty and uniqueness. Let me introduce you the above two pieces.

The left piece was crafted using the Japanese symbolic Chrysanthemum and the Ogi fan prints from yukarta kimono. Whereas the one on the right was designed and crafted using the classic fabric “Les Fleurs” from Cotton and Steel, Rifle Paper Co. Both were done in an 18cm frame, measuring 13cm (height), 19cm (base length), and 8.5cm (base depth). This size is roomy enough to keep your basic essentials. (I tried putting in my small-size umbrella and it works!).

The price of KISSLOCK CLUTCH varies, depending on the chosen size and the type of fabrics used. Generally, kimono fabrics usually costs more than cotton. For the above two pieces, they are priced at S$85.00 (yukarta) and S$65.00 (premium cotton) for a 18cm frame kisslock clutch.

Several frames sizes are available for customisation. 8cm, 10.5cm, 12.5cm, 14cm, 16cm, 18cm, 20cm and 22cm.

By the way, I dedicated my kisslock clutch and named her ROSEMARY KISSLOCK CLUTCH, in remembrance of a dear friend, Rosemary Qin.

ROSEMARY KISSLOCK CLUTCH, a touch of elegance to your evening wear or cheongsam.