Shoulder Bag


These designer-inspired shoulder bag are unique by itself, as they are customised to suit her owner’s likings and personality. The placement of the print is the most interesting and challenging part as it each placement carries the potential to change the personality of the bag.

The shoulder bag comes either with a long or a short shoulder strap, and a flip for the front. The base of the shoulder bag measures approximately 26cm in length, and a width of 15cm, which is spacious to keep daily essentials like your cosmetic pouch, a book to read leisurely, a water bottle, an umbrella and a shawl. It comes with a matching cotton inner lining and an inside pocket too.

Shoulder bags are suitable as an office bag, an outing bag or a shopping bag, which ladies from different age range and walks of life may want to consider owning one that speaks of their personality.

Unnamed Bag


I called this MARCHE BAG, a bag that comes in handy for shopping, to the library, or just any afternoon outing with the girls.

It has an oval-round base and a wider opening that is lined with matching beautiful lace, and a pair of leather straps. Simple and hippy, she is ready to face the day.