A clutch that can be easily tucked under your arm, or simply slipped your hands behind the bow and gripped it. A simple yet stylist choice designed for parties and weddings.

VASHTI CLUTCH got her name from a biblical character Queen Vashti in the Bible (Book of Esther). It means “Beautiful woman” and she was a Persian Queen to King Ahasuerus, who prided her queen’s physical charm and decided to exhibit her beauty to all his subjects at a drinking debauchery. Refusal to submit to her husband’s command, she was banished from the king’s presence forever. She chose dignity, modesty and conscience before the vanity and lustful eyes of a drunken court.

Queen Vashti had a soul of her own and preserved her own integrity. Such is the reason I decided to name this clutch after her. VASHTI CLUTCH, a statement of a woman who exalted modesty.

VASHTI CLUTCH - Red Waves by Quilt Gate

Measuring approximately 27cm by 16cm, the VASHTI CLUTCH is a fitting choice for the night events, with her twisted bow ribbon calling out loud in a sophisticated manner.

Opt to customised with your preferred fabric and print to match your personality. Outfit yourself with thus stylist and elegant looking clutch today!


Pattern: I Think Sew / Modified Pattern: By chowahlisews